Kurt Krob July 31, 2023

2023-08-22 | 15:41:07

"Great place to buy and sell previous metals and collectable currency!! The customer service is excellent, very friendly! Highly suggest!"
Phillip Bulthuis June 15, 2023

2023-06-16 | 23:12:08

"Very nice honest folks that look at what have and give you a very fair price when selling."
gutter puppy June 9, 2023

2023-06-16 | 23:12:04

"The employees are super nice & helpful!"
Love6653 June 2, 2023

2023-06-26 | 16:07:26

"Really good People to deal with, they Beat the Completion with there Prices .Real friendly People to deal with. Have used them for several Years, and have always been very satisfied with them. Thanks Alot"
bill dirks June 1, 2023

2023-06-16 | 23:12:01

"What a bunch of fun. Two gals in there were just great. Very fair and professional. They bought an old coin collection from us. I will be going back and would recommend them to everyone. Thanks again gals."
Larry J. Richardson May 25, 2023

Good Trade

"5 Star Transactions. AGSE buys precious metals at fair value and sells metal usually favoring the customer. The employees are customer friendly and helpful. They take the time to answer your questions, helping customers who are unfamiliar with "real money." People who buy and hold physical gold and silver always have value. You can always sell it if you need currency. Gold is the only financial asset that is not simultaneously some other entity’s liability. Drop by and exchange fiat paper for actual money."